Don't get it twisted, get it right. I did it different, did it better, did it nice. I did the impossible, then did it twice.

I'm Emily. I'm a Christ-follower, writer, photographer and music lover. I will gladly accept any coffee you bring my way.


it’s hard to find something in a man who rejects people as much as you do

(Source: private-domicile)

When you intersect

with your part in someone else’s story you are telling, you run into that wall. It’s tall with red brick. You’re trying to find a sturdy enough vine to use to climb over, but instead they keep breaking. You fall hard on your back and you lose your breath. 

But you try again because climbing the wall is more important than feeling like you have reached rock bottom. 

You only have one way out. 

Climb up. 

Don’t read my question in a text and answer in an email. That is just obnoxious. You obviously have your phone.